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As a Credit Repair Specialist with years of experience, I am committed to helping individuals achieve their financial goals by improving their credit scores. My services go beyond simply disputing negative items on credit reports; I provide personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Furthermore, I understand that credit can be a complex and overwhelming topic for many people. That’s why I offer a free consultation to educate individuals about credit and guide them toward making informed decisions. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to build a better financial future, and I am dedicated to helping them get there.

what we do

We’re here to provide you the best credit repairing facility and to help you overcome your problems and issues.
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Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee®

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy—and you don’t pay–simple as that. Often copied, never duplicated. Our unbeatable satisfaction guarantee® means you’re only paying for results. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, any time, you can cancel and not get charged for that month, but we’ll even refund you for your LAST month’s payment as well!

Score-Driven Results

Aside from removing negative items, verifying, and correcting credit issues, we focus on raising your credit score through every other avenue—even if not associated with repairing credit. Disputes and interventions are the limit of what every other credit repair service will provide. The problem is, lenders who determine your purchase power rarely look beyond your credit score.

Above and Beyond Credit Reports

What happens if you have an important event such as a new employment position or apartment application which requires a credit check? Need a referral letter? Not sure how to get your interest rates lowered? What if you do not receive updated credit reports from the credit reporting agencies? These are a few things that we have seen our clients encounter over years and we have always answered with, “how can we help?” If you need employer assistance, credit check assistance, or even if you fail to receive an updated report from one of the credit bureaus during our service, we take care of it all for you.

Work Hard & Innovation

We put 100% into everything that we do for our clients to help achieve optimal results.Our experienced minds challenge conventional credit repair and conform to changing needs.We communicate our company mission and culture without fluff nor sugarcoating.We share keen insights and wisdom that comes only from having years of experience in credit repair.

About us

With over 15 years of experience helping over one hundred thousand people with their credit, we never set out to be the leaders, just the best. We spend a great deal of time and energy developing our credit repair services around you and your needs

In as few as 8 steps you can improve your credit.

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Is Your Credit Holding You Back?

How we can help you

We Help Improve Your Credit Scores By Removing:

Late Payments


Credit Errors​


Charge Offs​





...and More!​

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Schedule a free consultation

Schedule a free comprehensive over-the-phone consultation- During this consultation call with a credit expert, you will review your reasoning as to why you would like to repair your credit. Your goals, and the credit repair steps and expectations. 

Request a credit analysis

 Before your credit consultation request a credit analysis from one of our credit monitoring services. 

enroll as a client.

Enroll as a client after your free consultation. 




sign your client agreement.

Sign your client agreement + upload identity documents: All clients must sign a client agreement that outlines from both parties that the client allows the credit repair company to dispute negative items on the client’s credit report on their behalf specific to their state. The agreement will also outline all terms of the credit repair process. The client is responsible for uploading identity documents such as a copy of a license and utility bill so that the contracted credit repair company may attach to the dispute letters that are sent to the credit bureaus on the client’s behalf.

first work document.

First Work Document: Credit Repair company completes the first round of disputes and mails them to the credit bureaus
(Experian, TransUnion, Equifax). Response time from the bureaus on average is 30-45 days.

the first invoice.

After the First Work Document has been completed the client will be charged the first invoice.

wait 30-45 days

Client will adhere to the counsel of the credit repair company in order to begin the score-building process as the client
waits 30-45 days for a response from the bureaus of the first round of disputes.

After 30-45 days.

After 30-45 Days the credit repair company provides the client with updates of any deletions and then moves forward with round 2 of disputes to send off to the credit bureaus. Each month a round of disputes is sent to the bureaus until all negative items have been successfully removed from the client’s credit report.

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